Our Team - Tiffany Halshaw

Tiffany Halshaw

Psychosocial Recovery Coach / Support coordination

Tiffany Halshaw,  Psychosocial Recovery Coach / Support coordinator for Taylor Made Outcomes.

I have always had a strong  passion for helping people specializing mainly with psychosocial supports.

I like to work within a holistic and person centered setting, focusing on individuals own strengths and insights and helping them to achieve their goals.

I believe all individuals are unique and deserve to be treated equally, with respect  and dignity.

I first embarked on this wonderful journey volunteering as a peer worker with disengaged youth in 2011.

From there on, I knew this was my passion and I wanted to continue to make a difference in peoples life’s and work with them to achieve their goals.

I completed my certificate III in disabilities and  then began my first role as a support worker In disabilities and mental health within a day programs, and in a residential setting providing community support and personal care.

I also worked one on one with complex intellectual and psychosocial disabilities.

Following these wonderful years as a support worker I took some time off to have my 3 children and then continued my role as a support worker as a sole trader in psychosocial disabilities helping individuals reach their goals and access the community.

I then began my diploma in counseling( qualifying) before being asked to join an amazing team – Taylor made outcomes which is where I feel at home.

I look forward to continuing this journey providing person centered support to individuals through the NDIS .