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NDIA Update Payment Terms and Process

The NDIA have updated the way payments of NDIS Claims are made. The NDIA state that they are taking some steps to strengthen the NDIS, by reducing fraud and non-compliant behaviour.

This means from March 2024, the NDIA will take more time to check claims before funds are released.

Valid claims will be paid to the plan manager within 2 to 3 business days. Some payments may take up to 10 days. This is a change to current processes where generally funds are released overnight.

Claims review process:

Duplicate claims submitted within 14 days of the first claim will be reviewed for fraud and non-compliant behaviour. If invoicing via a Plan Manager and a duplicate invoice is submitted within 14 days this will also be reviewed for fraud and non-compliant behaviour.

If a payment within a bulk claim is being reviewed, only the claim under review will be held. All other claims will be paid according to NDIA payment terms, noting that this will now be at least 24 hours slower than current processing.

Valid claims will have funds released around 6pm 2 business days after the claim is lodged for example:

  • a Claim lodged on Tuesday before midnight will now have funds released on Thursday around 6pm
  • a Claim lodged on Friday, Saturday or Sunday before midnight will now have funds released on Tuesday around 6pm

If a claim is being reviewed, the NDIA will send plan managers:

  • a request for information
  • a fact sheet with instructions on how to resolve the specific claiming issue.

The funds will not be released by the NDIA for these claims in review until they receive the right information. Once the payment is approved it will be added to the next payment run.

If the information is not satisfactory (or if we receive no response), the claim will stay on hold. It will not be paid until the NDIA receive the right information.

For more information about NDIA provider payment terms, please visit the NDIS website.

To process your payment the NDIS requires the following information on your invoice:

  • Business name
  • ABN
  • A unique Invoice number
  • The NDIS participant’s name and NDIS number
  • The date of service (this should be in the body of the invoice – we can not assume the date of service is the date of the invoice)
  • The Support Item Number.
  • The Support Item Name or a brief description of service provided eg daily activities, social support, cleaning, mowing etc.
  • Hourly rate charged and number of hours (if applicable) plus total
  • If you are providing support services, charging different shift rates you must also include the times

To pay your invoice we require:

  • Your company’s contact details
  • Email address for remittance advice
  • Banking details for payment
  • An invoice as an attachment (preferably as a PDF)
  • A copy of your service agreement or a copy of the schedule of supports with the participant when you send in your first invoice this allows us to allocate your required funds for the life of the plan.

As published on the NDIS website, while Plan Managers are not to determine whether supports or services purchased are ‘reasonable and necessary’, they may also be liable to repay any amounts which have not been spent in accordance with an NDIS Plan.

Taylor Made Outcomes may seek additional information / evidence prior to processing a claim against an NDIS Plan to ensure compliance with how the plan was built.

This practice ensures avoidance of any financial risk for us as a business, and reduces potential for participants to be asked to repay funding.

Support coordinators

If your providing support coordination to one of our participants you can request access to monthly budget reports and access to our CRM portal for real time updates to participant budgets.

Please send invoices, service agreements and portal requests to: Invoices@taylormadeoutcomes.com.au or Invoices@tmo.com.au

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